All About Statement Headpieces

By Angie Diaz
Statement Hair Accessories
The beginning of August signals the conclusion of summer. Along with the end of summer, August also marks the start of a transitional season. This means that the climate, as well as your wardrobe, will begin to vary. It is advisable to start preparing some transitional pieces such as light jackets, midi skirts, closed mule toe shoes and shirt dresses. However, hair accessories are easier to move across different seasons. Here are some hair accessories that not only work perfectly in the summer but also are stand out staples in the fall.
Glamorous Barrettes 
Once a must-have accessory in the 80s and 90s, colorful barrettes were all the rage. The hype for barrettes died down around 2010 but recently this hair accessory has been revamped. Chic barrettes embellished with crystals, pearls and beads are reappearing in mainstream celebrity style and major fashion runways. Barrettes with a matte finish also add a modern touch to the hair accessory. 
Courtesy of Neo Beauty Shop
Dazzling Hair Clips
Hair clips have experienced a renewal with various metal, print and letter styles. The addition of an abstract printed or geometrically shaped hair clip can add a luxurious touch to any outfit.  
Statement Bobby Pins 
Bobby Pins have been redesigned to not only be functional but also stylish. Ornamental bobby pins are fairly affordable and can help elevate any basic look. With elegant flower ends or tassels, bobby pins are more than your typical black hairpin.
Bold Scrunchies 
You can never have too many scrunchies. This must-have hair accessory is softer on hair than regular elastic hair ties. Plus the endless array of scrunchy color combinations, prints and patterns allows for year-round use. 
Courtesy of Free People
Classy Padded Headbands
Here at Caieér, we adore our sophisticated yet eye-catching statement headbands. If you are aiming for a more elegant look consider adding a beaded pearl headband to your outfit.

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